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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Reader on HPH Trust, its decreasing NAV and distributions:
Thanks for your reply. I knew a lot of readers were asking you to talk to yourself on may things so definitely appreciate your time on this topic.

HPH Trust's land leases are decaying rapidly. I blogged about the Trust a few times before and why I avoided it.
(They were holding back much needed CAPEX to maintain DPU for a while but CAPEX could not be held back indefinitely.)

As u know, we received the CRT scheme document and the suggestion is for us to accept.
At current price, we are looking at yield of 6.6% or slightly higher if the scheme went through. But there isn't any obvious choices (trots or trust) in the market that would match or beat that. Would like to understand what are the top few choices you would have redeploy the capital return.

If you are looking for 6.6% yield, I think it is not difficult to find but I would say yield isn't everything and it is obvious from the fact that I bought into SingTel instead of NBN Trust recently. 
See: Avoiding the instant gratification of yield.

Wondering to vote for or against the sale of Croesus Retail Trust? See related post #1 below for some of my thoughts.

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