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Have your (CPF) pie and eat it (eventually)! .......................... (AK is showing off his CPF numbers graphically!)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I really like the colorful yearly statements generated by the CPF Board.

It adds a dash of color to what is usually a very boring black and white sheet of numbers.

I find the colorful statement really pretty and makes my pretty CPF numbers prettier!

You like pies?

I like pies.

Pie chart that shows how much I have in my CPF account, I like even more!

For newly minted readers of ASSI, do I hear "Oooh", "Ahhh" and the more local "Waah"?

How old am I?


Read this blog: 8 years AAA bond.

It is about making the CPF a cornerstone in our retirement funding strategy.

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2. CPF savings grew almost $200K in 3 years.

Remember, if AK can do it, so can you! Believe it!

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StarSeven said...

Where did you get the colorful statement from?

AK71 said...

Hi StarSeven,

Log in to your CPF account and look for your yearly statement. :)

Average Joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Average Joe said...

Hi AK,

Let's say your amount stays the same till 55, and Minimum Sum is $155,000 does it mean you can withdraw: $497,116.99 + $232,966.43 - $155,000 = $575,083.42? Thanks in advance!

AK71 said...

Hi AJ,

At age 55, we can withdraw all money from the OA and SA after the prevailing FRS has been met in our newly created RA. :)

AK71 said...

victor lee said...
I think most people will view interest as default sure get for everyone even if you do nothing. What some people will think is that if it involves a conscious decision to buy/invest in an asset that give regular returns, then this would qualify as "passive income". In the Singaporean context, that means mostly buying a property asset and extracting rental income. It could mean a business too. Its all about semantics.

There is a also a lot of antipathy towards CPF because it cant be withdrawn fully at the age of 55. There are also a lot of conditions that guides the use of CPF monies. There is also a lack of transparency of how the govt invests or deals with CPF monies. I think many people are frustrated, most are indifferent and perhaps only a minority like yourself and my father who are more positive about it.

AK said...
If it is about semantics, there should be no argument as to what "passive income" is.

People who deny that CPF interest income is passive income are either confused or they are out to confuse people. ;p

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