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Can I be rich investing for income?

Monday, June 25, 2018

Reader says...

I realised that I don't have enough capital based on dividends to ever FIRE...

It seems like one can get more capital through

1) inheritance
2) work through your way to the top
3) property
4) capital gains when you find a multi bagger.

Seeing that 1 is out since I don't have the privilege of being a white horse or marrying one, 

2 is out since I am a family lady with young kids I am trying to nurture and not leave them to be the spoilt kids of the next generation 

3) is out since I did make a lousy property investment and I know that it isn't going to be a multi bagger (will be happy if it isn't a liability), 

I think my best bet is 4...

AK says...

How much passive income we need to be financially free is not the same for everybody.

For sure, my circumstances are different from yours but you need to set for yourself a realistic goal and work towards it.

Investing for income is about improving our cash flow and overall financial health.

That should be the primary objective.

If we do it well enough, coupled with a relatively simple lifestyle, we could achieve financial freedom within a reasonable amount of time.

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