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$2 million in passive income. If AK can do it, so can you!

Sunday, January 8, 2023

This blog was inspired by a conversation I had with my father recently.

He asked if I had enough money because I have been quite ill in recent weeks and he wondered if I lacked money to see a doctor.

As we grow older, we will find ourselves falling sick to the strangest things sometimes.

Anyway, I had a very bad eczema flare up which affected my arms, legs and torso.

I thought I was very careful with the steroid cream but I still suffered withdrawal symptoms.

Anyway, with the weather warming now, I hope to get better soon.

Anyway, I told my dad how much money I am making although I am unemployed.

OK, more accurately, I am economically inactive since I am not seeking employment.

To the old man, unemployed and economically inactive mean the same thing.

AK is jobless.

Anyway, he found it unbelievable his jobless son had the kind of income that he said he had.

That conversation plus my recent blog on having too little passive income got me wondering how much money have I made from dividends and distributions alone thus far as an investor for income?

Of course, it won't be the first time I am doing this.

Back in January 2020, I had a blog which revealed I made $1.5 million in 10 plus years of investing for income.

That $1.5 million did not take into account any capital gains or losses.

That also did not include outsized distributions from Saizen REIT, Croesus Retail Trust and Religare Health Trust which, to be fair, were more like capital gains which I account for separately.

For sure, that $1.5 million did not include interest income received from my CPF account.

That $1.5 million made from investing for income for about 10 years was just from adding all the regular dividends and distributions.

Now, it has been 3 years since that blog was published.

What is the updated number?

Without including the outsized distribution from Accordia Golf Trust in 2020, how much passive income have I received as an investor for income in a bit more than 13 years?

About $2 million.

So, in the last 3 years, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and despite not having an earned income, my passive income has held up quite well, by my own assessment.

I remind myself that my investment portfolio has morphed from being very concentrated in higher yielding REITs to being less so. 

This has resulted in a lower average dividend and distribution yield at the portfolio level.

Without an earned income, I consume most of my passive income and I did buy a car a few years ago.

I must also remember that a not insignificant part of my passive income is funneled into my CPF account annually, hitting the annual contribution limit without mandatory contributions.

I won't go into that as this blog is about passive income received as an investor for income.

It isn't a blog about my net worth, which long time readers of ASSI know isn't something I have ever talked to myself about.

It is unlikely I would ever talk about my net worth because ASSI is about generating passive income and achieving financial freedom.

Talking about my net worth is not going to inspire anyone to achieve financial freedom.

Staying invested in bona fide income generating assets has, in a bit more than 13 years, generated $2 million for me in passive income.

Want to achieve financial freedom but still doubtful you can do it?

Unless we are severely disadvantaged, most of us can achieve financial freedom in Singapore.

If AK can do it, so can you!

(As usual, I have included links to references which might be enlightening at the end of the blog.)

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GlobalPassiveIncome said...

LOL.. Quite remarkable that you are so secretive that your father doesn't even know your financial situation despite being one of the top Spore dividend investor..

AK71 said...


I don't know if I am one of the top investors for income in Singapore since most investors are probably not sharing publicly. ;p

Although my family knows I have a blog, no one in my family reads my blog. ;p

I did get my dad to invest in AA REIT during the COVID 19 pandemic but he was very suspicious.

I also had to give him an AK capital guarantee for him to plonk down a small sum of money. -.-"

Now, he gets almost $600 per quarter in extra spending money from AA REIT.

He still prefers to put most of his money in fixed deposits. -.-"

Worried as dividends and interest income reduced.
"I told him that, conservatively, it could give him a return of 7% per year at that price."

wing said...

AK my friend, your stuff is honest and fantastic, i'd like to recommend TCM for help. My son had bad eczema and is undergoing TCM treatment now. He was rated an 8/10 for severity, now a 2/10. Sleepless nights etc. and flaky skin, all cured.

The treatment is slow to take effect but there are no steroids involved. I would be most happy to share this contact with you (they are in clementi and telok blangah) whether on the comments section or via a private mail. Take care.

Deet said...

Thanks AK for all your generous sharing and talking to yourself all these years. I've been following your blog as a mostly silent reader.

Ignore the haters (it's a sign of success - *wink wink)

Thanks to your example, I was inspired to start topping up my CPF SA many years ago ~2016. I'm now on track to hit FRS before turning 40 in a few years.

In terms of passive, I started out from $0 passive when I first started working till now, where I expect to receive $20k of passive this year (about ~12 yrs into my passive income investment journey). Not much but I hope to continue to nurture this little "sapling". Hopefully it can grow to be a big tree that I can rest under the shade in future.

You continue to inspire and I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your blog.

Please keep writing and wish you health & happiness! =)

AK71 said...

Hi Deet,

Always very happy to learn that talking to myself has been helpful. :D

So, thank you for sharing your progress towards the Full Retirement Sum in your CPF and also how much you have grown your passive income over the years.

$20K is not a small sum.

It is enough for me to be quite comfortable for 5 to 6 months.

I suspect it will cover a good part of your living expenses. ;)

Glad to read that you will keep growing your passive income.

Wishing you good health and abundant joy in 2023 too. :)

ironmao said...

Hi AK, I have been a quiet reader for several years now but i have also benefitted from hearing you talk to yourself. Its funny that your family doesn't read your blog. I've also recommended your blog to my family but they prefer listening to barbers telling them to cut their hair.

All the best to you in 2023!

AK71 said...

Hi ironmao,

Good to hear from another former silent reader. :D

Happy to know that talking to myself has been helpful to you too. :)

I see I am not alone when it comes to family members asking barbers if they needed a haircut. ;p

Up until a few years ago, my dad and sis were still of the opinion that the CPF could not be trusted despite all the things I told them.

Miraculously, they now say that the CPF is very good and seem to think that they found that out themselves.

Keep talking to your family.

Miracles do happen.

Happy New Year! :D

Unknown said...

Hi AK,

For helping with skin and bone, u can check if u take enough lysine which is an amino acid to build collagen.


AK71 said...

Hi KK,

Thanks for this.

I just checked with Mr. Google on what is lysine and where to get it?

I have been cutting back heavily on meat and cheese in the last few months but I am taking a lot of soy milk and tofu.

Also eating one egg a day.

These are good sources of lysine, it seems.

Hope is enough. :)

Unknown said...

Hi AK,

I just want to add on, also eat more good fats (all types), e.g. from peanuts, nuts & seeds (sesame) or avocado, confirm will help thicken your skin :)


AK71 said...

Hi KK,

For a moment, I thought you were making a joke about how to be more thick skinned.

Then, I remember eczema! LOL!

OK, yes, I eat a lot of baked almonds and also Adams unsalted peanut butter.

I also add extra virgin olive oil to all my food and sometimes drinks. :D

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