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My CPF account hacked? Money missing!

Sunday, January 29, 2023

On 5 Jan 23, in what has become an annual activity, I shared my CPF numbers here in ASSI.

After topping up the CPF-MA, this was the picture:

As I grow older, I sleep less.

I wake up earlier and earlier in the mornings.

Most of the time, I just follow a routine in the early mornings but sometimes I do things which are not routine.

Checking my CPF account is not routine. 

Yes, despite what some people might think, AK is not obsessed with his CPF account.

At least I think I am not obsessed but I am mental.

You know what they say about crazy people?

Crazy people don't know they are crazy.


When I logged into my CPF account today which I do from time to time because it gives me a sense of security which helps my mental condition, I got an anxiety attack!

No peace of mind?

Why like that?

This was what I saw:


Where did my CPF money go?

Did my CPF account get hacked?


Cham liao lah!

Quick, call CPF Board but they not open yet.

Too early in the day.

How like that?

Make police report first?

Then, through the morning mind fog, I recalled what happened.


I used CPF-OA money to apply for the 1 year T-bill.

Crazy AK, seven early eight early, scaring himself like that.

Nothing to see here.

Move along now.

Have a good Sunday!


Franco James said...

Hi AK, actually is it necessary to top up cpf? Reason being,
1. plan to inherit parents hdb (single as of now)
2. low 7fig sg/hk dividend Pf (reits,banks,oil),
3. working pt to pay for petrol/car park/misc max 800, no debt except for insurance premiums, car paid off.
4. i question myself to live till withdrawal age of 62 (29now)
5. rather make sg banks my retirement plan than cpf due to liquidity nature,

Counter argument
1. Drawdown on equity during bad times, have set aside e.funds via ssb/mmf/tbill

AK71 said...

Hi Franco James,

The CPF system is designed to help the common people.

If we are wealthy, then, the CPF really doesn't matter.

By your account, you are very wealthy and you also seem to be more financially savvy than most people.

You are in a more fortunate position than most people apart from the point you made about maybe not living till 62 years old.

So, maybe, you just have to work on being healthier as you are wealthy enough.

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CPF is all we need unless we are very rich.

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