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Monday, September 20, 2010

I have blogged about this before but it is timely that I revisit this topic as JW (aka momoeagle), the blog master of Wealthbuch, took it really hard when Adsense decided to stop working with him recently.  I believe that he would look past this unpleasant episode in his life as a blogger and soldier on in good time. :)

I started blogging out of curiosity and boredom last Christmas Eve and I have been hooked since.  I suppose I really enjoy writing and I enjoy sharing my ideas with people. On 10 March 10, I blogged that "I didn't know I could make money from blogging. However, I did discover quite quickly that there are many ways of making money through a blog."  Adsense, it seems, is the predominant way for most bloggers to derive some income from their blogs.

LP, the blog master of Bully the Bear was one of the first people I made contact with in blogosphere.  He told me how he was unceremoniously banned by Adsense.  Later on, I was told the same thing by my friend and blog master of Time to Huat.  So, you don't see any Adsense ads in their blogs.  So, fearing that I would suffer the same fate, I decided to remove Adsense from my blog.

I enjoy blogging and if I do make money out of it, I consider it a bonus. However, since I do not make much from blogging, it would have a lower priority when compared to other activities which I derive most of my income from.  We live in a world which runs on money.  So, we have to be realistic sometimes, if not most of the time.  The day I could derive an income of mid $X,XXX from blogging every month like some famous blogging personalities in Singapore, blogging might be the only thing I'd do. In fact, I was told that Xiaxue could make $XX,XXX per month from blogging!

The fact is I am a financial blogger and we have a very small niche.  Financial bloggers in Singapore have even a smaller niche. 20,000 pageviews or more a month like Xiaxue's blog?  Not in my lifetime, realistically.  Well, I suppose if I colored my hair like Xiaxue and wrote catchy songs about floods in Orchard Road like Mr. Brown, I could improve my blog's readership numbers. Hmmm, I wonder... Nah.

I can only hope that my readers would visit my sponsors (Nuffnang's ads), give my ZUJI banners a chance when planning to go on an overseas trip and feel generous enough to make a donation (Donate to AK71 pocketmoney fund on the left sidebar) towards my blogging efforts.  So far, I have received small sums of money from all three avenues.  Thank you for the bonus. ;-)

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Derek said...

Hi AK71,

That's the challenging part. How can one promote local finance blogs to the wider masses?

I may not have the answer yet but I'm trying. Suggestions are welcomed :)


AK71 said...

Hi Derek,

Unless people are as interested in planning for their financial well being as they are in gossip and comedy, I do not think blogs like ours would ever make it to the big league. That is the honest truth.

I remember watching Superman, the movie, and the editor of the newspaper said that three things sell: sex, tragedy and Superman. Comedy didn't even make the list. ;)

Well, maybe I could try writing about sex and tragedy in the world of finance? ;-p

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