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This is somewhat extreme but watch how this Canadian couple chose financial independence over home ownership.  They are in their 30s and,...

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STI declines again: CapitaMalls Asia, Golden Agriculture and Sabana REIT.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I caught a hint of panic in the air today. It is not abject terror but a slight panic.

Is this hint of panic a good opportunity to load up some stocks on the cheap? Well, I took the opportunity to load up on some:

CapitaMalls Asia: The last time I bought some shares in this company was at $1.80 per piece. Today, my overnight buy order at $1.70 was filled. I had another buy order at $1.68 which was not filled. Incidentally, $1.68 was the low of the day. What is next?

Looking at the daily chart, expecting a more bearish scenario could see the 150% Fibo line, which coincides with the lower limits of the MA envelope, providing stronger support at $1.64 next. We might even see the strongest of the 3 golden ratios tested on the downside. The 161.8% Fibo line approximates $1.62.

Golden Agriculture: Look at the daily chart and find the uptrend support originating from 28 October 2008. This is a very long term support and likely to be a very strong one.

It is approximating the lower limits of the MA envelope which is at 62.5c in the next session. With the support at 65c, which is where I bought more of the stock today, compromised on higher volume, we could see price weakening again in the next session. With the fundamentals strong and the longer term uptrend intact, I am buying more on weakness.

Sabana REIT: I bought more units of this REIT today at 93.5c/unit. For reasons unknown, the REIT was sold down heavily today.  Two transactions, each with more than 1 million units, sold down the REIT at 93.5c /unit. It is strange that the individuals or institutions responsible for these two transactions did not sell in the last three sessions when unit price touched a high of 95.5c but chose to sell at 2c lower today instead. This is especially puzzling as the units are still being transacted CD.

A DPU of 3.04c will go XD on 10 May, next Tuesday. Paying 93.5c/unit today is a good deal, I believe, representing a discount of 5.6% to NAV/unit and a relatively secure distribution yield of 9.4%. Until next Monday, I am accumulating on any further weakness.


b said...

hello AK

i oso got sabana today at 0.94 haha.. btw i have some qns regarding golden agri..

its revenue is in USD,hence a rising USD better for golden agri rite?

AK71 said...

Hi b,

Sabana REIT is attractive if we are investing for income. :)

As for Golden Agriculture, whether the US$ goes up or down, it doesn't really affect the company unless they are converting the currency into S$ or Rupiah. The price of crude palm oil and its direction in future has more of an impact on the company's fortunes. :)

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