They chose financial independence over home ownership.

This is somewhat extreme but watch how this Canadian couple chose financial independence over home ownership.  They are in their 30s and,...

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Financial prudence at any age.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Is there anything I would do differently if I could turn back the clock?

A letter from a reader:

Hi AK,

My husband just passed his 31st birthday last month and mine is coming up soon.

We are curious...

Turning back time, what would you have done differently for your personal finance at age 31?

What were the things you wished people had told you when you were 31?

What would you tell the people who are at age 31 now?



AK's reply:

Hi A,

For me, it was always about being financially prudent and investing (mostly for income) for greater financial security. Delay gratification, do the right things and we will have plenty of stuff for free many years down the road. ;)


Best wishes,

If we consume more now, we will have less later. If we consume less now, we will have more later. Of course, even if we understand this, what we do would depend on our circumstances.

Simply put, it is not about emulating AK or anyone else, it is about improving our own financial health in a meaningful way, year after year.

As long as we are making progress, stay the course and we will thank ourselves in future.

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RayNg said...

I think these NTUC video painted the right message (less the insurance part)

1. Future you kicks you

2. Future you hugs you

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