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Quek Leng Chan ups stake in Guocoland. Is AK buying? (How much exposure to property developers does AK have?)

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Someone asked me if I would be increasing my investment in Guocoland recently as it is still trading at a big discount to NAV.

In fact, he also asked if I would be increasing my exposure to the property sector since interest rates look like they will stay low for some years to come.

Although I like undervalued investments, there is always the possibility of such investments staying undervalued for an extended period of time.

Some readers might have noticed that this is usually the case with property developers.

My preference is, therefore, to invest in property developers that are able and have shown a willingness to reward shareholders with meaningful dividends.

The wait can be a long one and being paid while we wait makes it more affordable for most people.

Guocoland is a pretty good fit.

Since becoming a shareholder of Guocoland, I have received three rounds of 7c DPS.

Dividend yield is about 3.8%.

That is pretty decent for a property developer.

I became a shareholder of Guocoland in 2017.

That was when I noticed persistent insider buying and decided to do an incomplete analysis.

Then, I decided to invest in Guocoland which was trading at a hefty discount to valuation. 

Well, there is more insider buying now.

Following recent purchases, Mr. Quek Leng Chan's stake in Guocoland increased to almost 72%.

Although paying a price of $2.05 a share is more than 10% higher compared to what we paid back in 2017, the price is still a big discount to the NAV of $3.47 a share.

I am quite happy to hold on to my investment in Guocoland but I won't be adding now.


Although individually my investments in property developers are not big enough to be in my list of largest investments, collectively, they are.

So, which property developers am I invested in?

They are:

1. Guocoland

2. Ho Bee Land
3. Hock Lian Seng
4. OUE
5. Perennial Holdings
6. Tuan Sing
7. Wing Tai

(If you want to read my past blogs about these entities, click on their names above as they are hyperlinked.)

Based on market value, together, they probably account for a sizable chunk of my investment portfolio.

For a retiree like me, I feel that is enough exposure to property developers.

For sure, I do not know when value would be unlocked and this unknown makes limiting the total investment exposure to 10% of my portfolio or lower sensible.

What if value is not unlocked in my lifetime?


Although I am not interested in increasing my exposure to property developers, I have increased my investment in the property sector by putting more money into the following business entities not too long ago:


2. Centurion
3. Accordia Golf Trust

(If you want to read my past blogs about these entities, click on their names above as they are hyperlinked.)

It should be obvious that the ability to generate a meaningful recurring income stream has always been an important consideration for me.

It has become more so as I grow more settled into my early retirement.

Of course, I am only doing what makes sense to me.

Others have to do what makes sense to them.

Oh, totally unrelated, I watched the following video by CPFB and had a good laugh:

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Unknown said...

At 0.34 P/B , PE of 6 and 5.3% Dividend yield now. :)

AK71 said...

Hi Unknown,

"One of Southeast Asia’s largest developers has defied the COVID-19 crisis to sell a hotel property in Shanghai’s Putuo district at a mark-up of nearly 65 percent over its net book value, according to an announcement to the Singapore stock exchange on Friday.

"A unit of GuocoLand, which is controlled by Malaysian billionaire Quek Leng Chan’s Hong Leong Company, has agreed to sell the Guoman Hotel on Daduhe Road near Changfeng Park, along with a set of parking spaces, to a subsidiary of Shanghai-based developer Dahua Group for RMB 1.44 billion ($204 million) the statement said."

Thanks for sharing.

Guocoland is very undervalued.

Having said this, it could take a long time before value is unlocked.

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