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Tea with AK71: $1.20 Ice Kachang.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Recently, while chatting in LP's cbox, Isaac mentioned Ice Kachang at some food centre priced at $1.50 a bowl. Some said that's cheap and that Ice Kachang costs $2.00 or $2.50 these days. Really?

I said I like the Ice Kachang at Tiong Bahru Market.  It is only $1.20 a bowl! Where to find? Tian Tian Yuan Dessert Garden, Tiong Bahru Market. Haha.. I went there for a bowl of the said Ice Kachang this evening and took some photos with my trusty Samsung phone camera:

I like Tiong Bahru Market. It is bright, airy and clean. You get a glimpse of the market here in the background:

These are photos of the Ice Kachang after I have mixed it up. Some would eat up all the ice first but I can't do it. I would get severe brain freeze!

How many attap chee? Three! Quite generous, I feel. Of course, lots of corn and lots of chendol as well!

Feel like having an inexpensive dessert, Singapore style? You know where to go. :)


Anonymous said...

I used to have it @ $1 for ice kachang, chendol & bur bur cha cha until as late as last Nov. Where ? Margret Drive's Hawker Centre. It was just closed before CNY..... Gone are the days of cheap eats.


AK71 said...

Hi SnOOpy168,

You know, this store at Tiong Bahru Market used to sell the Ice Kachang at $1 a bowl too.

They have a little piece of cardboard saying $1.20 pasted over the old price for a few months now. Inflation! Scary. That's a 20% increase! What to do?

Anonymous said...

Bendemeer mkt ice kachang 70-80cts only, the most value ice kachang i found in SG as of today 20th Feb 2011

AMK mkt ice kachang ard $1.20-2.50


AK71 said...

Hi Kelmund,

I think you might have unintentionally started a mad rush to Bendemeer Market! Isaac, you reading this? ;p

Anonymous said...

hopefully that it is still there when I get to it.

some of these cheap ice kachang stall are so stingy in their ingredients that once I do regret visiting.

Soon, i would be forced to make my own ice kachang at home..... just like bak kut teh. Just dun tempt me ah....


AK71 said...

Hi SnOOpy168,

I like the Bak Kut Teh along River Valley Road. It is the corner coffee shop closer to the bus stop outside UE2. ;)

Anonymous said...

If you buy 2 ice kachang @ 1.6-1.8. its still a steal. btw If not wrong 2nd best value at katong mkt next to onan road one, that one very good too. best chendol at tekka mkt @ $1 only.

if portion small, then also good. Sg food very sweet and unheathy mah. so for sweet tooth, smaller portion actually very good. unless you want gastro treats...get the authentic ICE KACHANG from China town peanut wholsaler cum sweet shop @durian/mango@ $5.5/ serve....very good and shiok. similarly, amk hub second floor also have one thats make ur own ICE kachang @ more exp price but premium you can choose ingredients. where to go will depends on your idea and perception of value. I enjoy both the 0.80 and 5.50 ice kachang. traditional taste 0.80...very shoik. premium indulgence after a killing at stock mkt or ganna Koed go chinatown and drown in the gratifying scintillating sinful sweet desert.

2cts left


AK71 said...

Hi Kelmund,

Thank you for sharing so much Ice Kachang lore with us here! Much appreciated. I definitely want to try the atas Ice Kachang you mentioned! :)

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