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Tea with AK71: Tartlets and a view of the city.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes, we get nice surprises and, sometimes, we get nasty ones. Today, I had a surprise which resulted in me being quite free of work. So, I suppose this is a nice surprise. However, I found myself wondering what to do today.

I did the laundry in the morning, had breakfast with a friend in town and came back home. After washing up, I checked my blog, replied to comments and emails. Hmm... What to do next on a restive Sunday?

I took a couple of photos with my trusty IXUS and here they are:

I like these tartlets from Arnotts's but they are pretty expensive. So, I hardly buy them. However, a budget store that I visit regularly at Redhill Market was selling these at $1.05 per packet (150 gm). Irresistible!

Three flavors available: Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry. Er.. you don't see the strawberry flavored ones in the photo because those tartlets already found their way into my stomach.

This photo was taken from my balcony. I like being near the city but not in the city, if you know what I mean.

It is a nice view of the city, isn't it? I will miss this view as I have sold my place and moved back to stay with my parents in the western part of Singapore.

Not going to think of investments and finance for the rest of the day. Maybe, I will take a nap. Have a good Sunday, everyone. :)


Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Ah Tiong Bahru...

I like this place a lot, especially the "old" walk-up houses below. They have a special old world charm. Unfortunately too ex for me. In late 2003, the 3 rooms were already worth half a million dollars!

Must congratulate you on your timing in selling your apartment!

You are like a REIT manager selling off a property at a handsome profit. Now got more gunpower (in your case its more like TNT!) on standby when there's yield accretive bargins available.

In which ever direction the market goes 2nd half of 2011, heads you win; tail you win too! It's a matter of winning more or less only. Now that's a got spot to be!

One more thing. Forsake maggi-mee for tarts. I don't say you! Yup, I still a bit sore losing a fellow maggi-mee connoisseur. LOL!

AK71 said...


Your comments put a smile on my face, as always. You should really consider a career in writing. :)

Real estate in Tiong Bahru is pricey, no doubt about it. Do you know how much those HDB walk up apartments are worth now?

3 bedrooms, 1 washroom, 1 living room, 1 kitchen. Total floor area about 1200 sq ft. Valuation is $960k! Yes! Sellers are asking for around $1m now and they have only 60+ years of lease left. Mind-boggling!

You have seen through my strategy in planning for the near future. Yes, I always try to plan things in such a way that I will benefit whichever way the wind blows. That is the only way I can sleep soundly at night (and I know I have precious little of that).

You are feeling sore about losing a fellow Maggi mee supporter? Haha.. Actually, I have not had Maggi in years. I prefer Myojo. Rubbing salt into your wound here. Haha... ;p

financialray said...

Wah, so much cash after selling your property and with inflation at 5%, now maybe stressful to make the cash work harder for you.

AK71 said...

Hi financialray,

No stress at all. Why?

If we managed to double our money in the last 7 or 8 years, is there any urgency to grow it to keep pace with a 5% per annum inflation in the next 2 or 3 years?

After all, even at 4% compound interest over a period of 10 years would only see the initial sum growing by some 50%.

I think we could take our time and wait for better opportunities. No hurry to put the money to work now. ;)

mark said...

Excuse me. Meet up soon pls? I have been in TB visiting my mom all the time and drive past your place while on the way home. :)

PS - The wind was fantastic last night. Had a BBQ at my mom's and it was a challenge keeping stuff on the table.. from being blown away

AK71 said...

Hi Mark,

Yup, "always windy" is part of the description in the ad for my place. Haha... ;)

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

I don't friend you liao! LOL!

Remember how we used to talk like that in primary school? How I wish someone would offer me a scholarship to retake my PSLE!

I am with you on patience. You know how patient I am to wait for you to write a post that's not investment related?

AK71 said...


I was in a communist primary school. Mandarin was what we used all the time.

However, I know my sisters and their friends used to say that. The proper reply is, "Don't friend, don't friend lor!" ;p

Wah, you have been waiting for too long. My apologies. Haha.. :)

I said...

I love those Tartlets too. I prefer the Made in Australia ones though, but beri expensive the Indon ones will do :P

AK71 said...

Hi Isaac,

Wah! Made in Australia? So atas. I cannot bring myself to buy expensive tartlets. Hard to digest the price. ;)

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