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Teaching young children financial literacy.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

In the papers today, I read about two ladies who started a business in Singapore to teach financial literacy to children. 

I think it is a good thing they are doing.

This reminds me of a book which a friend told me about over dinner some time back. 

He said he wanted to teach his son financial literacy but found it difficult. 

I mean how do we talk to primary school kids about passive income without boring them to tears?

Anyway, my friend found a book which did the job and I am now inspired to share the book here with readers who might be in the same shoes as he was.

and help fund literacy for the poor.

The sooner children realise it is a good idea to make money work for them, the better off they will be in future. 

Want your children to be financially literate from a young age? 

Give them this book.


Kelvin said...

Thanks AK71,

Just bought this book for my son although he is just 15 months ^^ LOL

AK71 said...

Hi Kelvin,

You are a 101% responsible (if somewhat anxious) father! Good on you. ;)

AK71 said...

Rogers, who was raised in Alabama in the US and still speaks with a Southern drawl, also shared how he and his wife have been teaching their daughters, now ages 11 and six, how to handle money.

“When they were born, I got each of them six piggy banks. They have piggy banks for US dollars, Singapore dollars, etc. I’m not trying to teach them to be currency speculators, but I do want them to know that a) they should save and b) that there are different kinds of money,” he explained.

Also, the children get paid when they do extra chores, he said, explaining that he wants them to understand money “doesn’t fall out of the sky” and “you have to work hard and save it”.

“If I can instill in them the necessity to save and the habit of saving, then I will have done the best I can in this stage of their lives,” he said.

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