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This guy has 800K in his CPF. (AK responds to HWZ Forum.)

A reader pointed me to a thread in HWZ Forum which discussed about my CPF savings being more than $800K. He wanted to clarify certain que...

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Not giving in can only make us richer.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Although we like to say we have saved money when we buy something at a sale, the truth is if we spent money at a sale, we did not save money, we just spent less money.

Happily, this reader didn't spend less money, he saved some money.

Hi AK,

Thanks to you ! I have just cancelled my 3 orders brought from Amazon's Black Friday. (around 350 USD)

Upon re-reading one of your blogs again, I decided that they are non-essential items and I can live without them. 

But I did not cancel the birthday present for my wife because I still want to have my marriage and it is already shipped (I may have to pay for the return good) hahaha. I know it's an excuse but I cannot expect my wife to understand why she does not have a birthday present because I tried to save some money.

I do a lot of thinking especially retirement early plans, your blogs constantly remind me whenever I lost directions and it feels like a trusted companion walking with me on my journey to my dreams. (its also feel like the journey to the west where there are demons and temptations) You just have to stay focus but it is never easy. 

Working in Singapore is so stressed that you will always feel like taking a deserving good "detox" rest and indulge yourself with materialistic pleasures eg buying a big condo, car, branded clothing, lavish & exotic holiday, eat out at expensive food outlets etc. 

You worked so hard why you cannot enjoy ?! many time we fell into a cycle of bad decisions......

Sometimes I ready hope we have more simple answers and I can see you are doing your best to write them in your blog. 

Please find time to continue writing and thanks a lot for being there when we need some guidance.

Have a good day.

Best Regards

Hi SK,

Thanks so much for the email which I enjoyed.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are lost on me. I am a marketer's worst nightmare. ;p

You have probably read this blog post:

On our journey towards financial freedom, it is worth remembering to keep our needs simple and our wants few. 

Keeping your wife happy is, by the way, a need. Good job! 



If we could, we probably should cut ourselves some slack once in a while but, remember, not giving in to our buying impulses can only make us richer. 

A shorter time to reach financial freedom? It's your call.

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