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Build our wealth but take care of our health.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I met up with a friend for dinner recently and he remarked on how I used to blog about my cooking. It has been a while since I last had such a blog, has it not?

Well, although not as often as before, I am still cooking but I am just too lazy to blog about it. What's new, right? AK is a lazy fellow.

Anyway, I was in the mood. So, this was lunch today:

Fried rice and seaweed. I used:

1. Cooked white rice.
2. 3 eggs.
3. 3 tbsp. coconut oil.
4. 4 gm of seaweed.

And I ate the fried rice with seaweed. You can tell I have probably been watching a bit too much K-drama. 

I still think a high fat, low carbohydrate diet is good for me but I am no longer very strict. 

I used to keep my carbohydrate intake to less than 50gm a day. For a while now, I have allowed myself between 50gm to 100gm of carbohydrate a day.

Still, I have rice (which is made up mostly of carbohydrate) only once in a while. Half a bowl of cooked white rice has about 22 grams of carbohydrates. That's plenty. 

Eggs have about 1 gm of carbohydrate each. Per serving of seaweed (2gm) has 0.2 gm of carbohydrate and I had two servings.

We want to build our wealth but we should take care of our health too.

Finally, for readers who want to lose weight, remember, losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Less carbohydrate is the way to go.

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Potatoish said...

Hey AK,

the 80-20 rule really works. The past few months i have been working hard too to lose weight. seems like getting lean is the new trend here :D

I was pleasently suprised you remembered my name and me when we met many months back at the fifth person. Well, the chubby me is gone. today i have lost 8kg in 10months and i look forward meeting you soon. Lets see if you still can recognize me >,<


AK71 said...

Hi JQ,

I don't want to be a "weightist" but having too much fat and being overweight is a bad thing. It is a fact.

Happy to hear that you have lost weight! I am sure your other half is happy too. ;)

Kevin said...

Hi AK,

Have you tried eating avocado? it is filled with healthy fat and vitamins/minerals too. ;)

AK71 said...

Hi Kevin,

I know. I tried it but found it quite off putting. Haha... Taste is very personal, I guess. ;p

blazingruby60 said...

hi AK
try making guacamole..All you really need to make guacamole is ripe avocados and salt. After that, a little lime or lemon juice—a splash of acidity to balance the richness of the avocado. Then comes chopped cilantro, chiles, onion, and tomato, if you want. The trick to making perfect guacamole is using good, ripe avocados.

we have to think healthy as we get older..

AK71 said...

Hi Ruby,

Thanks but I had that before. It was in a Mexican restaurant. Didn't like it. :(

I will just have to eat other healthy stuff. ;p

AK71 said...


Not very strict anymore. :p

For those who are interested in losing weight, keeping your carbohydrate intake to 50 grams or less a day will result in rapid and sustainable weight loss as long as you eat more protein and good fats (like extra virgin olive oil).

If you are just starting, it could be tough to reduce carbohydrates drastically. Then, a moderate carbohydrate intake of less than 100 grams a day should ease you into the diet.

AK71 said...

If you are overweight, following this diet, you should lose at least 3 kgs a month and about 10 kgs in 3 months.

Oh, out with the sugar. ;)

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