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"The big money (Pandan) is not in the buying and selling."

Sunday, December 4, 2016

As I work on probably the two most anticipated blog posts of the year in ASSI, I am reminded of an important virtue of any successful investor.

In July this year, I shared a few photos and some thoughts on my Facebook wall. I did that a lot for a while as I didn't feel like blogging. (Aiyah, lazy say lazy lah.)

If you have a mature Pandan plant at home and it has babies, you can do this too. Just make sure not to hurt the mother plant in the process as you might have to snip the baby from the mother at the roots.

In a jar of water, the baby Pandan will take a couple of weeks to grow proper roots. Once that happens, transplant into a small pot of soil.

In September, mine looked like this a month after transplanting:

The older leaves died and a new bunch of leaves emerged.

Today, I decided to move the plant to a bigger pot:

The wish I made in July came true. I got a Pandan plant for free. 

Wait a minute. 

Is it really free?

If we want wealth, for most of us, realistically, we have to work for it.

If we want our wealth to grow, for most of us, realistically, it will need time to do so.

To those who have sent me emails and messages on when I might be sharing my full year results, remember, patience is a virtue. ;)

"The big money is not in the buying and selling … but in the waiting." 
- Charlie Munger
Have the right conditions and patience.
A money tree for you and me? 


STE said...

Yah ! AK , good point ... just to add " 宜未雨绸缪,而勿临渴掘井“! cheers 😀😀👍👍 be prepared for the worst,,anytime!!

Anion Trading said...

Hi AK,

Your pandan ($) are in good hands! Mine just withered recently after not caring for it for 1 month.

$ aside, I noticed that pandan can actually survive quite long without care :p


AK71 said...


Thanks for powering up the level of Chinese wisdom here. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi Anion,

Yes, they are pretty hardy (just like some stocks). To have one wither takes great determination on the part of the gardener. ;p

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