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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Although there were not many comments in my blog when I asked if I should continue talking to myself in 2017, I received many emails and also messages in FB. 

They are all positive (so far).

I am particularly touched by a couple of emails.

First, this email from a reader of modest means:

Hi AK,

As the new start of the year, first thing I want to do is to write this thank you note to you.

I have been following your blog since Aug2015 and benefit greatly from it. 

As an employee with salary below average, I couldn't have much to invest. 

However I value the awareness that you created among your followers.

I am started to be more responsible to my own financial management and learnt a little bit about investment. 

I believe many of them out there too. 

I feeling grateful to "meet" you through text. 

Thank you very much.  Hope u and ur family stay healthy , happy and wealthy always.

I will still following your blog as long as u still talking to yourself. 

AK's reply:


I am happy that my blog has been inspiring and helpful.

All of us have different circumstances and all of us have different abilities to improve our financial health. 

If we diligently do whatever we are able to do in order to have a more secure financial future, it is always better than doing nothing.

I realised that many Singaporeans might not have the funds to invest with even if they want to. 

This is a reason why I decided to blog about the CPF as much as I had in recent years, sharing my own story. 

Making full use of the CPF will give us a measure of financial security in our golden years.

Wishing you a very happy and rewarding new year,

Second, this email from a reader who is determined to effect a sea of change in her family and extended family:

Hello AK, 

Happy New Year!  

I have been your avid reader ever since my friend introduced your blog to me in end 2015. 

 Hence 2016 is my first year of financial "spring-cleaning" project, applying whatever tips you advocate that make sense to me!

And the result - managed to increase income by 35% y.o.y. and cut expenses by 32% y.o.y.! 

 And my family members start to buy into my nagging and becoming more of a saver than spender! (still long way to go, but I am determined to keep on brainwashing them)   

Of course if I include paper loss in stocks (Singtel, AAReit & Comfortdelgro), it would be 33% improvement on income. 

At the very least, reading your blogs serve as a reminder for me to always be mindful about spending, putting a lid on it before things go out of hands.   

Just 1 thing I probably didn't listen to you - I bought a 30+ years old HDB in the East.  

As there are not much new 3-room flats in the East, I decided to go for convenience sake when selecting house (near future mrt, wet markets and other amenities).  

Don't have intention to sell in future, either.   

Hence it is fine to own an old house as it fits my purpose. 

Last but not least, thank you AK, and pls continue to blog as I hope my young nephews could benefit from your blog posts and avoid the unnecessary mistakes in their path to financial freedom. 

Take care! 

AK's reply:

I am so happy that you are getting your family and extended family on the bandwagon. 

I always say that financial freedom is a family affair!

I am happier still that your financial health has improved after taking action. 

I am very sure your positive results and attitude will spur you on in 2017 to achieve even more.

The journey towards financial freedom starts with financial prudence and if we become better savers, that is half the battle won.

Congratulations on getting your own flat. I share my thoughts in my blog but I am not dogmatic. 

I just nag a lot. 

Growing old, you know. 

Nagging is a privilege that old people have. 

As long as your purchase matches your motivations, as long as you are aware of the effects of your decision and as long as it is not going to cause you any problems, OK.

Wishing you and everyone at home a very rewarding new year,

It is safe to say that most Singaporeans can be better off financially if we are willing to help ourselves. 

Although the strength to do so may vary from one person to another, most of us have the ability to do this. 

If WE can do it, so can YOU!

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ruby said...

Hi AK71,

Since you said not many people blog here whether you should talk to yourself in 2017, I decide to reply. Yes, please continue to talk to yourself. I have enjoyed reading most of your posts.

Been reading since 2015 and was really motivated to have a high passive income like yours. Yours annually reports about passive incomes from reit and non-reit are truly awesome. At first I try to simulate but then I decide that a $5k per month is good enough (passive income) or achievable.

Thanks for sharing what you buy. I have benefited esp RHT as I would not have bought it if I didn't read your post about it in late 2015.

Have a happy new year!

AK71 said...

Hi Ruby,

Thank you for the thoughtful and encouraging comment. :)

You are right not to benchmark your performance against mine. Everyone's circumstances, motivations and requirements are different. Knowing what we need and setting realistic targets will make us happier than trying to be like someone else.

Happy New Year! :)

Ricky said...

Hi AK,

i also want to stimulate, but too different. So now i try to work towards 2.4k per month, which is my expenses per month. Will take me around 17 years...

Happy New Year!

AK71 said...

Hi Ricky,

Sometimes, Lady Luck smiles at us and gives us a shot in the arm.

Sometimes, opportunities knock on our door and we must recognise them as such.

Sometimes, good things could happen to us sooner than we think.

As long as we do the right things, the right things have a higher chance of happening to us. ;)

Happy New Year!

AK71 said...

Reader says...
We can do it! Yeah! These stories just make the journey a lot more motivational.
Sometimes it is tiring AK.
Trust me.
To build a passive income of about $700 takes hard work
I still Long way to go. 🤪
U r right to say every step no matter how small is a step forward

AK says...
Steady lah!

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