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Monday, January 2, 2017

I found out my friend is a TV star!

What AK thinks of the LRIS:
"Since I treat my CPF savings as a risk free and volatility free component (i.e. AAA rated sovereign bond) of my investment portfolio, I am unlikely to take part in the proposed Lifetime Retirement Investment Scheme (LRIS). Of course, money in the CPF-OA doubles up as a war chest which could be deployed in the event of a stock market crash for possibly better returns than what the LRIS could deliver." Source: A cornerstone in retirement funding. 

Dear AK, May I seek your wisdom?

1. Can CPF SA be invested on SDPR STI ETF? I have check in CPF website it stated yes.

2. However, I went to OCBC where I have CPFIS account to ask, OCBC staff not able to reply.

3. I ask approved CPFIS broker they cannot answer as well.

Is there some place I can seek clarification, please enlighten me. Thanks

AK replies to reader:
I don't think the questions have anything to do with wisdom.

1. Er. I dunno.

2. Er. I guess they dunno.

3. Er. Ask CPF Board.

Now, I will share something which (hopefully) has something to do with wisdom. I wouldn't risk a AAA rated sovereign bond paying 4% to 5% coupon for an ETF.

Best wishes,

A bird in hand is worth two in the bushes (provided that they are of the same size). If AK says so, it must be so.

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Happydoggy said...

Hello AK,

I tried to top up my MA account to $52,000 today but the e-Nets couldnt go through. I tried 5 times until i got fed up. Why ah? I would like to up before my interest goes into the MA account. Normally, can we top up the MA on the first two days of the new year? I thought it was some technical issues but apparently i can top up to SA account. I dunnoe whats wrong.

Happy doggy

AK71 said...

Hi HD,

Fast hands, fast legs, I see. ;)

I dunno why wor. You might want to give CPFB a call tomorrow. :(

Unknown said...


You aren't the only one facing this issue. Tried twice to complete the top-up but the transaction didn't go through. I suppose we are both trying to achieve the same objective - top up to get the tax rebate before 2016 interest comes into the account and deprives of that opportunity :)


Singapore Man of Leisure said...


If I working at CPF Help Desk or Customer Service I'll be very happy.

Less workload but same pay. I'll tell all my CPF colleagues to promote your blog big time!

Evidently, your sugar-coated poke to your first reader has flew over their heads.

Right straight away another "Ma! Got see my handphone" reader wrote in!? LOL!

I tell you, I won't be surprised the next reader will ask you, "I keyed-in my Singpasss password to CPF online but they keep rejecting me... AK, why ha?"

Psst, charge $10 for replying to each question. That should get rid 99.99% of those who take you for granted.

That leaves 0.0001% for the more intellectually stimulating questions :)

The extra money you collect and give to charity. And of course don't forget my coffee!

AK71 said...

SMOL san,

Domo arigato gozaimasu.

Anata wa totemo yasashi desu.

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu. :)

Unknown said...


Let me stimulate your intellect by pointing out that getting ride of the '99.99% of those..." will leave AK with 0.01%, not 0.0001%. How is that for free advice?


AK71 said...

Hi Vikas,

SMOL is making fun of me, as usual, but his math is not very good. -.-"


Happydoggy said...

Hi Vikas,

You hit the nail! If the interest is going to be credited into the MA account by 4th working day, that only leaves us with two working days to do that because top up transfers from Bank will take approximately two days to be reflected into the account. Not too sure if the system allows us to top up the MA tomorrow. i will probably call up CPF tomorrow.

Hi AK,

I dont mean to take u as the CPFB customer service. haha sorry if i did not phrase my question correctly. I thought you had the experience since you have always been topping up the MA account every year. So i thought u had a better idea of when the system allows us to top up.

Happy Doggy

AK71 said...

Hi HD,

Aiyoh. No worries lah.

If I know, I share.

If I dunno, I say I dunno.

I am AK. I am lazy. ;p

Er... I only topped up my dad's MA before, not my own, and I didn't time it. I did it when I had some spare cash.

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

1) AK,


2) Vikas Sharma,

You can count! I'm so impressed!

I knew I shouldn't stray too far away from my calculator...

Much appreciate :)

Unknown said...

"Hi Vikas,

SMOL is making fun of me, as usual, but his math is not very good. -.-"



Happy New Year to you too!

I suppose it must be pretty hard to be a wannabe 'investment blogger' and not be good at math. I wonder how credible any published investment returns would be LOL. I would spend more time focusing on that than prowling your blog to make completely unproved attacks on readers who just wish to share your wisdom. Well, I suppose there are calculators to help with math, but no device to help with humility.

AK, thanks for being an example of humility and real wisdom in this alphabet soup of wannabe intellectuals :)


Tanya said...

You're a CPF adviser? How about home loans, which bank provides the best loans? :x (joking)

This post reminds me to check my CPF. I haven't checked it in ages! Sigh

AK71 said...

Hi Vikas,

Alamak. I was making fun of SMOL when I said his math no good. He made fun of me. I must make fun of him lah. ;p

Aiyoh, what humility and wisdom? Don't liddat say. Make me very paiseh. I am just a lazy guy who likes talking to himself. Mental lah. -.-"

AK71 said...

Hi Tanya,

Aiyoh, SMOL say what, you believe what? You are in trouble! LOL. Ya, I know. You joking. ;p

Everything will be updated on the 4th working day of the new year. So, Friday, I guess.

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

1) AK,

I was going to let him save face by laughing it off. But he asked for it ;)

2) Vikas,

The poke was some readers have poor England comprehension skills. Can't read between the lines. Especially just after AK had made a post about:

"I don't think the questions have anything to do with wisdom.

1. Er. I dunno.

2. Er. I guess they dunno.

3. Er. Ask CPF Board." <<<<<<<< Which part you don't understand?

As for my verification poke:

"Psst, charge $10 for replying to each question. That should get rid 99.99% of those who take you for granted.

That leaves 0.0001% for the more intellectually stimulating questions :)"

To those who can "read", it meant even those 0.01% who are willing to pay $10 to ask a question, it doesn't automatically mean the questions will be intellectually stimulating... Only a small 0.0001% perhaps? LOL!

And you have to the one to double confirm there's more than 1 reader that can't read.

Don't feel bad. I can't count; you can't read.

It all balanced out :)

Au contraire! I'm not an "investment blogger". I'm just a man-whore. And I'm more shallow than piss on the sidewalk.

And you should know better than to step on piss ;)

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Told you! This girl Tanya is a keeper!

Smart and have a sense of humour!

Some people just have no concept of what is a non-working day...

Ask her out lah!

If you don't, don't complain if I ask her out OK?

AK71 said...


I would like to see you try. ;)

I wonder if Tanya's fiancé is built like Arnold S. or is skilled in martial arts like Donnie Y. LOL. ;p

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

1) AK,


You got check her out ;)

Naughty, naughty.

Look and learn!

2) Tanya,

You got a single girl friend? We make it a double-date?

It's just dinner. Have a few laughs, conversation over dinner that sort of thing.

Bring your fiancé along also can!

Men are like that. Must not let him be too complacent ;)

Good to make him a wee little bit jealous once in a while...

I'm harmless! I'm 100% domesticated by the women in my life :)

AK71 said...


Simi I got check her out? You didn't see Tanya's comments? Jialat... -.-"

Service for you, my fellow senior citizen:

Tanya said...

I don't know how old SMOL... maybe he can enlighten us.

I got a lot of single girlfriends but not sure if you would like them.

My fiancé is just a normal guy. Nothing special just like me a normal girl in a complicated world.

When your HR department works OT I think it's time to worry! Sigh hope it's not me.

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Love you! Give you a high five!

You dare to poke AK?

You go girl!

I was laughing so hard when you mentioned AK could be "too old" for you...

That's until I realised I am a generation older than AK :(

Wait. So "lude" of you! LOL!

Once upon a time I was oppa. Don't how I became 大叔 so quickly...

Perhaps that's why AK is watching his diet, climbing stairs, and taking naked selfies of himself... He is going through his 老 hero menopause stage?


My double date suggestion was to make AK at ease. In case he shy to ask you out alone. Your fiancé a lucky guy!

I'm a wine, woman, song kind of guy. This year 2017 I'll be 50 years young.

If your single girlfriends have a fetish for uncle sort of guys or lack fatherly love, send them to my blog ;)


AK71 said...


I didn't know you could father a child at age 5.

Simi a generation older than me? You pian gi na or pian wa bo tak che? -.-

Hey, brother. We have to take care of ourselves better now that we have time on our hands. When we had to pa bia in our younger days, we say no time but now got time, no excuse.

You also say we not getting any younger. All the illnesses will come. Only thing we can do is to delay the onset or to ensure we are stronger to fight when they do come... Ouch.

Don't scold me. I am just living up to my reputation of being an accredited kaypoh. ;p

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


I trying to make you look younger and attractive mah ;)

Since when you take what I say literary?

Don't you dare go decimal precision on me!

But I must admit your bod is one generation younger than mine.

I can't match that Abercrombie waist of yours...

Give chance.

Nagging? Wait. Don't talk to me. Talk to the hand.

Thanks for having me. I had fun!

Long time no play Good Cop Bad Cop liao...

I'll always have your six ;)

Also, its way more fun to poke you in the back!


AK71 said...


You could be the first and the last male hong niang in Singapore to be brought to Court for misrepresentation. ;p

On a more serious note, looking better is a bonus that came with losing that tummy. It wasn't the primary motivation.

I don't know if I told you but I had some health issues and was frightened into losing weight. Anyway, all better now. Not trying to scare you to lose weight. Honest. ;)

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


You didn't.

But I guessed as much.

There's always a catalyst for a changed in behaviour... I read people ;)

Glad you are better.

I'm a believer of early detection over buying lots of medical insurances but never going for our annual medical checkups ;)

Early stage cancer detection staying in class C ward can be cured.

Late stage cancer detection staying at Royalty class hospital suite so what?

I'm cool. No worries ;)

AK71 said...


Being a generation older, I am sure you know enough to do the right thing. I shan't worry. ;p

AK71 said...

CPF provides risk free returns and is volatility free.
We don't risk something like this unless higher returns are virtually guaranteed.
Comparing CPF and equities is not an apple to apple comparison.

AK71 said...

foolish chameleon said...

hahah, ak.. funny la.. .
i prefer cpf to pay me, than i pay ownself leh..
so what other way to make cpf work harder for me?

AK said...

Well, it is the truth. ;p

The CPF is there to help us to help ourselves.

If we don't pay to our CPF account first, it won't pay us. ;)

I treat the money in my CPF account as being in a high yield risk free bond.

Unless Mr. Market goes into a depression like during the Global Financial Crisis, it is unlikely that I would use my CPF savings for investment.

AK71 said...

Nicholas Chan says...
Actually why not invest OA money?
OA interest only 2.5%.

AK says...
I believe in having a meaningful % of my portfolio in investment grade bonds and that is what CPF does for me.
Having said this, my CPF OA is also my war chest which will be deployed in case we see another GFC like event.

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