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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

may I check with you about AIMS AMP. Its DPU for last 2 quarters have been dropping. But you seem very optimistic about it. Do you think things will get better?

Management is very important.
There is little they can do about headwinds
But you have to compare it against other industrial REITs and you will see it shines

Rather than acquiring more properties to boost DPU, AA REIT focused on extracting maximum value from their assets.

Oh. How would it fare against soilbuild?

Soilbuild had a stroke of bad luck
Very unfortunate

The technics offshore company who vacated the place?

I like the Biz Parks they own

Ok, thank you. Will read more on ur posts of aims amp before deciding

Unlike very short lease biz park owned by VIVA in Chai Chee, Soilbuild's biz park have relatively long leases.

Since Keppel D.C. Reit seems unpromising, I might just switch to AA

If the management sama sama as Keppel REIT, cham

Yes.... I think I'm quite clueless as a industrial reit investor. When I read the viva report, I was quite impressed by it

People tell us good things only

Only heard the other side of the story when I saw your post, even though you kena hantum by that one reader. Haha

I should talk less. ๐Ÿ˜ž

Haha no la. Should talk more. For the greater good
May I check if you've written any articles on assessing industrial reits? I mean, I know the usual of NPI, DPU, gearing, occupancy etc. But the short lease part is something that's new (but makes sense) to me

Er... maybe. I cannot remember liao. Too much talking to myself until I blur.

Haha. It's ok! Thank you. I'll search through your trains of thought via your articles

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AK71 said...

Wenhong Su:
AK, did you write about Keppel reit in the past? Why you say they Cham? Their grade A offices looks good. There's a good margin of safety from the NAV although their debts is rather high.

I didn't like their management and the financial engineering they did. Now, management's income goes up and DPU down. The rental support for OFC should have ended. DPU declining is not surprising.

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