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Friday, April 13, 2018

Reader says...
Thanks for talking to yourself all these times. 

You have really helped the average Singaporeans pick up good financial tips.

I have been invested in AHT and have collected good dividends. 

I noticed that prices have dropped so far and am thinking of picking up more. 

I read through their latest announcements and I don’t see anything that indicates that their fundamentals have changed. 

However, their numbers for 2 AU Pullman hotels are not that good. 

Also the exchange rate is not in their favour. 

They also look like they may be thinking of expanding beyond Asia as per their change in mandate. 

Try as I could, I can’t figure out whether these factors would be good or bad for AHT. 

Am I missing something?

I also noticed that even though you are picking up shares in CDG, you are not doing it for SBS? 

Since CDG taxi biz is at risk, how about just their bus biz?

AK says...
AHT is in hospitality. 

There will be seasonal changes in fortunes. 

Since I am staying invested for income, as long as AHT is well managed, the bumps will smoothen out over time. 

Having more assets in different parts of the world could be a good thing because it reduces concentration risk and reliance on the A$. 

Will have to wait and see.

I find SBS' valuation a bit rich compared to ComfortDelgro. 

SBS is 75% owned by CDG. 

I think SBS will be worth more in future but in the meantime, can we accept its richer valuation and also the much lower dividend yield (~ 2%)?

In years to come, SBS could increase dividend payout to shareholders. 

Of course, then, CDG would be a major beneficiary.

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redponza said...

Unfortunately, Ascendas H Trust is in hospitality and need to bear the risk of the operating performance of its hotels.
As much as I like REIT, I will pass on hotel REIT that results are directly linked to the hotel's operating performance.

AK71 said...

Wong Yao Keng says...
I think some are waiting for a suitable price to enter, but don't know at what price. So one can continue to wait forever without realizing they may have missed the boat. At this point, I realized that some basic TA is necessary to at least have a feel of where that entry price may be. Probably many are looking for advice as to how to spot a good entry.

AK71 said...

Reader says...
hihi AK, just ignore that reader.
Some pple just not suitable to hold shares.
One of my friends asked me to introduce a share to him, after many requests i told him can buy AHT that was around 0.8-0.90 that time n it dropped to below 0.60...
He practically watsap me every 2-3 days , ask me y drop... 😥.
In the end he sold off after taking into account all dividends , hence breakeven...
Since then no watsapp liao

AK says...
The longer we stay invested in AHT, the safer it becomes. 😉
If people do not invest for income, they just have to continue working for income. 😉

AK71 said...

Is investing in stocks suitable for you?

AK71 said...

Reader says...
AHT may be divested?! Jialat

AK says...
I hope not but it is not in our control.
Oh well. Might or might not happen.
This is not the first time there is talk of this.

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