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Dividends and retirement in three virtual worlds.

Friday, March 5, 2021

I haven't been blogging much and this is just a blog to touch base as I probably won't be blogging until end of the month or early next month.

A reader left me a comment recently on how he is still working on his F.I.R.E. (i.e. financial independence retire early) and trying to figure out what he should do after activating it as he doesn't want to stay at home.

I don't think there is anything wrong with staying at home if all the stuff we want to do in retirement is to be done at home which, of course, pretty much describes my situation.

To be quite honest, I find myself not having enough time to do all the stuff I want to do in retirement and I am now spending most of my waking hours in three different worlds, not counting the real world.

I am trying hard to be disciplined and not let my life as an explorer of virtual worlds disrupt my life in the real world.

In recent months, I have been rather successful as I even managed to get 20 to 30 minutes of physical exercise done on daily basis.

Those who share my interest in adventuring in MMORPGs might be interested to know that Black Desert Online is now free to download using Steam and this offer which ends on 10th March is to celebrate their 5th Anniversary.

I have seen many videos of Black Desert Online and have always wanted to try it but didn't want to pay for it.

So, this is just perfect!

This is a short video on Black Desert Online in 2021:

I doubt very much I will be spending any money on Black Desert Online as I have not spent any money on Neverwinter and Guild Wars 2 either.

I have blogged about Neverwinter and Guild Wars 2 before and I have spent the most time in Neverwinter as it was the first free to play MMORPG I picked up and also fell in love with.


Four years and more in Neverwinter with thousands of hours clocked and I have not spent any money on the game?

That is correct and my wizard is pretty much end game ready too.

With Guild Wars 2 and now Black Desert Online, I am just taking my time to explore the worlds which are really very beautiful.

Not rushing anywhere.

Lots to see and lots to do.

This is a short video of Neverwinter's latest module launched last month:

Now, dragging myself back into the real world, I checked on dividends for January and February 2021.

The thing that caught my attention was the much higher income distribution from Sabana REIT.

I increased my investment in the REIT significantly not too long ago and I blogged about it too.

This has proven to be very rewarding.

The income distribution from Ascott REIT-BT, not surprisingly, reduced drastically as COVID-19 is still disproportionally hurting some parts of the economy which includes the hospitality sector.

The decision to significantly reduce my investment in Ascott REIT-BT which was at one time one of my largest investments when I did was a fortunate one.

This month in March, I am expecting more dividends from my investments and my larger investment in IREIT Global is going to be very rewarding.

Having said this, there are businesses in my investment portfolio which will take more time to recover from the ravages of the pandemic and have suspended or reduced dividends.

I can only hope that, having deployed most of my war chest into what I think are more resilient businesses in the second half of last year, my passive income would at least hit $120,000 this year.

Why $120,000?

$120,000 a year is what I need in order to help support my parents, meet my own expenses and to do maximum voluntary contribution to my CPF account.

To be honest, I feel it is a pretty low bar to clear but we don't know what we don't know.

Anyway, I have gone on longer than I had planned to do.

Until the next blog, stay safe and keep all of us safe!


Remember to collect your free high tech mask:

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David said...

Hi AK,
Thanks for your sharing.

Yes, its good to exercise.
The feeling after sweeting is Great.

After Working From Home[WFH], i managed to do basic Yoga[Sun Saluate & some stretching post] ~2-3 times per week.

Lately, was motivated by a 55-yr friend & started running ~2km+ once per week.
Not to compare, but i was thinking, 55-yr & can run 3-4km every week....what am i doing....

In PCN connector or even on the road in daylights, i can see many people are exercising.
In a way, this Covid really 'improve' our life styles & many health habits [e.g. flu cases dropped alot]

Best Rgds

laurence said...

I'm in the exact same situation as AK!
And I started years before you too.
I find that most Singaporeans think they'll all rot and die fm boredom if and when they retire.
This perception can't be further from the truth. These people must have been brainwashed by some forces at large --- I can't see any other logical cause.

I too find that my days zoom past at the speed of light even though I stay at home the entire day, most days of every month.
24 hours a day is certainly not enough to distribute among internet time, cable tv time, meals, housekeeping, etc.

Monitoring/researching stocks, reading news fm unlimited news sites, particpating in forums, online game, finding the best deals in online stores, etc take up so much time everyday that day turns to night seemingly in an instant !! ;)

Rot and die when we retire?
Not a chance in a zillion years on Planet Earth !! ;)

AK71 said...

Hi David,

It is too easy for me to be lazy when it comes to physical exercise. ;p

No more jogging for me as I used to run 5km 3 times a week which destroyed my knees eventually.

I just do static exercises like push ups and squats which simulates stair climbing.

15 mins of physical exercise a day can extend our lifespan by up to 3 years, apparently.

As for flu cases reducing, I believe it also has to do with mandatory mask wearing now.

I expect to continue wearing a mask even when it is not mandatory to do so. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi Laurence,

People who feel bored when they retire from active employment probably didn't have anything to do outside of work.

So, they feel lost in retirement.

This is why I always say it is important not to be married to our jobs.

Of course, I also understand that there are people who absolutely enjoy working and would prefer to work till the day they die.

Hope they don't ever lose their jobs. ;)

David said...

Thanks, AK.
Once again, you triggered me to assess my own situation & NOT to follow blindly.
I m in early 50s & my knees have some old injuries.
I better maintain my knee till my 'Last Day'.
I will diversify with brisk walk/hiking/swimming/running etc.

Wow, Great, you do Push-Up & Squat!!
I am smaller in built, yet i keep on excusing push-up may hurt my back & squatting may hurt my knee:-)

I try 2 use 'water bottles with water':-), to do 'weight lifting'.
Save $ & avoid 'dangerous item' at home.
Sometimes, do it with kids

Best Rgds

AK71 said...

Hi David,

All of us have our own circumstances and should have our own plan. ;)

Knees are worn out and it is all about low impact exercises now.

Just like stair climbing, static squats are definitely lower impact and friendlier to the knees.

As for push ups, it strengthens the core too just like planking which I dislike more.

Lazy AK knows all about finding excuses when it comes to physical exercise and skips the squats for a day at times. ;p

I must constantly remind myself that although having the right diet is more impactful than physical exercise, it should not excuse me from exercising.

Gambatte! :D

David said...

Hi AK,
Thank you for your encouragments:-)

Best Regards

The Dreamzola Traveller said...

Well, its not much of a boredom that scare me. I play lots of games too and does reading at home, never once felt bored at home. But somehow I concern about not having enough human engagement, and worry may ended up played games whole day after FIRE.

As much as I wanted to be a hermit, I still felt some balance should be there for me between staying at home and go out once in a while involving in some meaningful activities like voluntary works, enrichment studies etc. Ya, somethings I would enjoy to keep both my mind and body active after FIRE.

Ah hahaha, i feel you. I also trying to discipline myself. Climb the stairs instead of taking lift. Ahem, if i do it.

Ah.... there is another version of Black Desert online- it is called Black Desert Moblie, I am currently playing as a freetoplay player on my pc using Bluestack. No need to pay as long as you are not serious into getting into the top 10. LOL.

AK71 said...


Ah, I see. :)

Staying home and playing games all the time isn't a bad thing for someone who does not crave social interaction but that is me. ;p

As for playing BDO using the phone, I cannot imagine seeing the world with such a tiny screen.

Exploring the world and questing is what I enjoy doing most now.

Not into PvP and definitely not interested in dominating other players.

I played NW for more than 4 years without paying a single cent and I will probably do the same with BDO. ;p

The Dreamzola Traveller said...

Oh, an open world RPG that offers lots of exploring experience.

Aye! Beautiful mountains and rivers and surprises that might spring behind the forest trees. A different environment compare to our boring urban city that doesn't hold much surprise for us,.eh... except for the recent wild boar incident in Punggol. Ouch.

AK71 said...


Yes, BDO is really different that way.

I thought GW2 had an open world but there still exists loading screens when we move from region to region.

Having been adventuring in NW for more than 4 years and being used to much smaller zones and fast travel which allows jumping from zone to zone within seconds, the travelling time in BDO took some getting used to.

I didn't like Old School Runescape which is another sandbox MMORPG with a huge open world but I really like BDO so far. :)

over herainbow said...

Hi AK,
Good day and glad your are enjoying Ur retirement. I am also planning for FIRE but I am also wondering in our golden years (eg 55 and above) when our investment appetite reduces or when it's no longer feasible for us to keep an active monitoring of stocks due to old age, what would you recommend? Withdraw from stocks and how to get the passive income then? Just relying on CPF may not be enough. Hope to hear from you as I think we cannot be investing "forever".

AK71 said...

Hi over herainbow,

I will probably still be doing whatever I am doing now when I am 55 or even 65.

Now that I am 50, I think 55 or even 65 isn't that old. ;p

Of course, we are all wired differently and you might be interested in this blog from 2015:
Is it too late to plan for retirement at age 57?

And I would recommend this "e-book" too:
Retirement adequacy for late bloomers.

Good luck to all of us. :)

Staerfeldt said...

Thanks for inspiring me with your blog & I have been a silent reader, 🙏 I did my full CPF housing refund this year and setting my sights for 1M48. Now I have started to study / attempt to understand CPFlife - will u consider ERS or just FRS (leaving the rest of the amt in SA)?

AK71 said...

Hi Staerfeldt,

I just published my reply to your comment in a blog:
CPF Full or Enhanced Retirement Sum for AK?

Gambatte! :D

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