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2023 passive income. Banks & REITs.

Monday, October 9, 2023

I keep a written record of my passive income.

It isn't an Excel sheet as I still very much enjoy using pen and paper.

I spend so much time on the computer daily that spending some time writing on paper is a nice break from staring at the computer screen.

Anyway, I recently published my passive income figure for 3Q 2023.

That came in some 12% higher compared to a year ago.

Thus far, passive income this year has come in relatively strong.

I have said that increasing exposure to the banks since 2016 has been a good move.

For readers who do not follow me on YouTube, I produced some videos recently on investing in banks and REITs.

Here are the links:

Should I invest in REITs now?

This REIT is a MUST BUY but...

Key RISK for Singapore banks!

Remember that AK is not a guru and I am just talking to myself as usual.

All of us have our own beliefs and circumstances.

We should have our own plan.

Do what we are able and willing to do.

As long as we are moving in the right direction, we should do alright.

At our own pace and all in good time.

I am just here to inspire.

I am not here to instruct.

Having said this, I decided to see how much passive income I have received so far in 2023 from my investment portfolio.


This is slightly higher than full year 2022's passive income received which came in at 


So, even if I do not receive any passive income in 4Q 2023, I will be OK.

I remind myself that as an investor for income, I should aim for reliable and meaningful passive income generation.

Preferably, income generating tools should generate predictable passive income too.

Always be prudent and stay pragmatic.

This was a recent video on reducing risk without reducing income:

Respect what we don't know!

Not everyone is rich but everyone can be richer.

If AK can do it, so can you!


disr said...

Hi AK, I know you might answer me as you have no interest, but just wondering what you think about a beaten down name like HongKong Land?

AK71 said...

Hi disr,

It is true that I have no interest in HongKong Land. ;p

I have enough exposure to property developers in Singapore.

They are all "beaten down" in the current environment of higher interest rates.

Developers all trade at relatively big discounts to book values because their income is mostly lumpy and unpredictable in nature.

With HongKong Land, they have a double whammy because they are the biggest office landlord in Hong Kong, if I am not mistaken.

There is a glut now in Hong Kong.

Vacancy is up and rental rates are down.

Sometimes, there is a good reason for being "beaten down".

Kent said...

Hi AK, I know you just posted that returns from T-bills and SSBs are now part of your quarterly passive income reports. Do you also include the interests earned from your substantial saving and time deposits given prevailing elevated bank interest rates? Thanks!

AK71 said...

Hi Kent,

CASA and FDs are not investments.

So, they are not part of my investment portfolio.

Hence, interest income is not included in my quarterly passive income reports.

Quarterly passive income reports only count income generated by investments.

Rellangis said...

Hi Grand Admiral AK :)

I do not envy but yours is an inspiration for me to build up my own passive income too.
I estimate my own portfolio will finally breach 5 digits by year-end (finally...).
I am targeting a modest $12k per annum in passive returns.
Will revisit my target once reached.

"Slowly but surely!"

AK71 said...

Hi Grand Admiral Rellangis,

Tier by tier, we will get bigger and better battleships!

Victory will be yours!

test said...

Hi! What do you think about investing in T82U or A17U in the persistently high rate environment at this moment?

AK71 said...

Hi test,

I had to Google those codes to see what they meant. ;p

Here are a couple of videos on these:

Suntec REIT:

Ascott Trust:

test said...

wow! I didn't know you had a YouTube channel! Thanks for the links! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

test said...

apologies, I just watched both videos and the 2โฟแตˆ video points to Capitaland Ascott Trust, not Capitaland Ascendas REIT. Tried searching your channel but couldn't find any video on the latter. ๐Ÿ˜…

AK71 said...

Hi test,

Oops. My mistake.

I don't think I have looked at Ascendas REIT in detail before.

So, I am not a good candidate to talk about it. ;p

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