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CapitaMalls Asia: Testing $1.83 resistance.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CapitaMalls Asia tested support turned resistance at $1.83 for the first time today. The fact that its share price pulled back and closed at $1.81 shows the existence of strong selling pressure closer to and at $1.83. The fact that this happened on much higher volume shows some weakness in the upward movement today. My sell order at $1.83 was not done.

The MFI, a measure of demand, has flattened despite the higher price and volume while the RSI has flattened in overbought territory. OBV, however, is rising which suggests ongoing accumulation. What are the possible scenarios now?

Given the fact that the MFI and RSI are near overbought and overbought, respectively, upside could be limited from here. $1.83 remains the immediate resistance while further upside could be capped at $1.88 (78.6% Fibo fan line and 100dMA) in the event that $1.83 is overcome.

Downside? Immediate support is at $1.80 although this could be a weak support. Stronger support could be found at $1.78, a many times tested resistance which coincides with trendline support as well. If this were to go, the uptrend would have been compromised and the next support would be at $1.72.

I have divested some at $1.78 and have put in a sell order at $1.83 for tomorrow. If price were to weaken to $1.72, I could buy in again. TA is never about certainty. It is about probability and we should plan accordingly. Good luck to fellow shareholders.

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