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Mr. Market is always right.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I blogged about my partial divestment of Saizen REIT as price gap closed at 15c. I still retain more than 10% of my original investment in the REIT. See blog post here.

As Saizen REIT was the largest investment in my portfolio, making up some 40% of total funds invested (excluding funds in my frozen portfolio), the amount of money released was no small change. Leaving the money in the bank was not an option with interest paid on savings a paltry 0.1% per annum.

So, at the right time, I moved bulk of the funds into Cache Logistics Trust, First REIT and Sabana REIT. I blogged about these quite a bit too.

See the following blog posts:
Cache Logistics Trust: Accumulate on weakness.
First REIT: Bought more at 73.5c.
Sabana REIT: Bought more at 93.5c.

Another round of income distribution from all three REITs was received in the last few weeks. The unit prices of all three REITs also went up in the same time.

Today's closing prices are:
Cache Logistics Trust: 97c.
First REIT: 79c.
Sabana REIT: 94c.

What does this suggest? Investing in these REITs has been and still is the right thing to do. Mr. Market is always right.

My largest investment in a REIT now is in AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT. The unit price has moved up very nicely as well to 22c. So, the units I accumulated at 19.5c, 20c and 20.5c back in March are in the money too.

Recently, I have taken the opportunity to divest partially and I blogged about my reasons for doing so as well. Read it here.

Generally, I am going to hold on to these REITs for their very attractive distribution yields. I could divest some if they become overvalued (based on fundamental analysis) or overbought (based on technical analysis) or both. No reason to divest until then.

This has been another long day as I try to get used to a new routine. This is likely to continue for weeks to come. Physically and mentally exhausted, I am not in the best condition to trade the market. Being more than 80% in REITs, investing for income, is the best strategy for someone in my position now. Good luck to us all.

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Anonymous said...

How do I start investing with my CPF-OA or CPF-SA? I already have a POEMS and CPF investment a/c. How can I minimise the charges incurred?

Regards from Jane

AK71 said...

Hi Jane,

You would have to call your POEMS broker to see that your account is linked to your CPF-OA.

CPF-SA cannot be used for buying of shares. There is a list of approved investment instruments using CPF-SA. You can find this on the CPF website. :)

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