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4Q 2021 passive income: Don't lose hope!

Monday, December 27, 2021

My last quarterly update was late by a few days.

So, I am compensating by being a few days earlier with this one.

Also, several things which will need my attention in real life have popped up next month in January.

Unfortunately, they are likely to be very time consuming.

As I still want to spend much of my time in virtual worlds, I might not have much time left in January for blogging.

Neverwinter is launching a new module, Dragonbone Vale, on 11 January but until then, I will be busy in the worlds of Black Desert Online and Genshin Impact.

I am really enjoying Genshin Impact and can imagine losing myself in that world for some time to come.

I blogged about retiring in 3 virtual worlds a few months ago and that included Guild Wars 2.

Genshin Impact has replaced Guild Wars 2 for me.

The 3 virtual worlds for me are now Neverwinter, Black Desert Online and Genshin Impact.

I wish I have many more hours in a day but, sadly, I don't have enough hours each day for more than 3 virtual worlds unless I abandon the real world.

Dividends and retirement in 3 virtual worlds.

This short video clip provides a peek into the world of Genshin Impact.

Anyway, this is going to be a shorter blog as nothing really earth shattering happened in this quarter.

Well, at least I don't remember anything impressive.

If you would like a more detailed update regarding my investments and if you missed my last quarterly update, read:

3Q 2021 passive income: Better days ahead?

OK, on to the numbers.

Total passive income received from my investments in REITs and non-REITs in 4Q 2021:

S$ 21,283.82

Total passive income received for the whole year of 2021:

S$ 171,854.30

This is more than the S$ 120,000.00 that I need per year.

So, 2021 has turned out to be pretty good for me.

However, this number includes a one time distribution made by Accordia Golf Trust which is not going to be repeated.

Everything being equal, therefore, 2022 could see my passive income lower.

I am crossing fingers that 2022 will be a better year than 2021 for me.

Centurion Corporation could pay dividends again while ComfortDelgro and Ascott REIT-BT could pay their investors better in 2022.

Of course, with the Omicron variant of COVID-19 now running amok, things are more likely to get worse for some time to come.

Still, we must never lose hope.

To end this blog, I am leaving a link to a blog which did particularly well this quarter.

If you missed the blog, you might want to read:

Retiring by 40 is a fantasy for most and AK talks to himself.

Regular readers know what I am going to say.

It's still the same old phrase.

If AK can do it, so can you!

Wishing everyone good health and good fortune in 2022! 

Happy new year!


AK71 said...

Why does AK need $120,000 a year?

How much passive income is enough?

Unknown said...

Hi Ak,

Congratulations on your stellar results in 2021!

Hope to see more of your blogs in 2022.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and HUAT 2022!


AK71 said...

Hi SK,

Thank you for the good wishes. :D

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2022 full of huatness too! :D

caelitus said...

Health is most important. Take a longer break from your virtual world and clock 10k steps? Wishing you good health for 2022!

AK71 said...

Hi caelitus,

Thank you for the kind reminder. :D

Yes, it is a challenge. ;p

I try to get at least 10K steps per day done two or three times a week.

I also wish you good health in 2022. :D

VT said...

Hi AK, pls dun lose urself in the metaverse, the real world still likes to hear from you! Happy New Year! 😂

Henry said...

Hi AK.
Long time no talk. :) although I had been quietly reading your impressive passive income achievements for some years. You are my role model.
Let's hope 2022 will bring more dividend.
Take care and keep your articles coming.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year in advance and also wishing you good health to continue sharing with us your utterance in 2022! 😄

AK71 said...

Hi VT,

Well, let us hope that we do not see an ASSI blog that says "Dividends and retirement in 4 virtual worlds."

That would mean AK has abandoned the real world. ;p

Happy New Year! :D

AK71 said...

Hi Henry,

I also say long time no talk!

A bit worried when people say I am their role model because it is never my way or the highway.

Of course, I am happy if my way works for you. :D

If AK can do it, so can you! :D

AK71 said...

Hi Unknown,

I will continue uttering stuff in ASSI as long as I think it is not an utter waste of time. ;p

I also wish you a happy and healthy new year in advance. :D

cbd said...

AK is still hero investor to many out there. Good to have a role model to emulate lor

laurence said...

Another impressive record-breaking bumper year for our Oracle AK as expected, while countless lesser (and even greater) peers continue to be decimated by the evil Covid !!

AK71 said...

Hi cbd,

I like to think that my approach to financial freedom is holistic and that it should work for most people.

However, as a person, I am as fallible as anyone. :)

Holistic approach to a secure financial future.

AK71 said...

Hi Laurence,

Given the difficult conditions that the COVID-19 pandemic has created, I am very fortunate that I have done fairly well. :)

Avoiding more speculative investments while staying invested for income seems to work for me.

It isn't just the COVID-19 pandemic for many people but also the meltdown in the Chinese tech sector that has led to massive losses.

"Evil" comes in many shapes and sizes. -.-"

1. Invest in Alibaba Group? High risk, high reward?
2. Cut loss on Alibaba or buy more?
3. Do not make difficult times more difficult.
4. Lost life savings and now in debt.
5. Can I be rich investing for income?

over herainbow said...

Hi AK, always happy to see your passive income updates as it gives me motivation to keep working towards financial freedom. A big thank you to you as I made some significant transfer from my cpf OA to SA few years back and have since hit the FRS. It's amazing how compounding interest works. Hope 2022 will be a good year for all of us :)

AK71 said...

Hi over herainbow,

We are very fortunate to be CPF members and should take full advantage of our membership.

Happy to hear that you have made significant progress in growing your CPF funds. :D

Yes, let's hope that 2022 is a better year!

1. What is behind hitting the FRS and what is our plan?
2. Investors eat crusty bread with ink for peace of mind.

Tea said...

MNACT and MCT to merge? 😉

AK71 said...

Hi Tea,

Is that the latest news?

I don't have any interest in MNACT and MCT.

So, no idea. ;p

Tea said...

Hi AK, just my speculation as both companies had requested for suspension of share trading. Seems the trend now is to create big and bigger REITs...

AK71 said...

Hi Tea,

There is such an obsession with size.

Big isn't always better but we can hope that it is. :)

Krishna said...

Hi AK,

Many thanks for taking time to share your wisdom and thoughts to us.
It provides us with better insights both on investing and life.

Wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year 2022!


AK71 said...

Hi Krishna,

Of course, I am just talking to myself, as usual. ;p

I also wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2022! :D

Wei said...

Thank you AK for the generous sharing as always. Happy New Year 2022, huat!


AK71 said...

Hi Wei,

Happy New Year!

2022 huat ah! :D

David said...

Hi AK,
Thank you for the valuable sharing.

Lets hope 2022 will be a Healthy + Happy year.

Wishing you & family a Prosperous + Happy Tiger year.

Best Wishes

AK71 said...

Hi David,

I also wish you and your family good health, plenty of wealth and happiness in 2022! :D

garudadri said...

Happy new year to you
Was good to read your income update and progress
Passive income streams give you the confidence in life and for me, a supplement to my monthly wage
I have rental property income in addition to dividends and distribution from stocks and am working slowly towards increasing these allocations
I invest outside SG also and therefore dividends are lower but I hope for capital appreciation to offset the lower income in the short term
Waiting for the next market dip eagerly.

AK71 said...

Hi Garudadri,

I am a lazy person or I would have continued to work.

Missing an earned income means slower wealth accumulation as much of my passive income is used to fund expenses and is not reinvested.

Sometimes, I wonder if I made the right choice to retire early.

Only sometimes. ;p

Happy New Year! :D

Confession and what AK thinks of retirement?

Verseun said...

Hi AK. Just curious. What makes you say that Centurion would make a dividend payment this year?

AK71 said...

Hi Verseun,

I don't think I said they would but I hope they would.

With the COVID-19 situation becoming endemic, things should improve and there is less reason to hold back dividends.

Centurion should emerge financially stronger from the pandemic.

Verseun said...

Hi AK ,

Sorry , it should be "I hope they would".

It is as you said. A few days later Centurion came out with this press release.

Judging from their history of being somewhat transparent with their projections of losses. This definitely comes as a welcome surprise.

They have been acquiring during the COVID period "This comes from an expansion of the group's portfolio of purpose-built workers accommodation in Singapore and Malaysia from the fourth quarter of 2020" and expanding their business during tough times.

So like what you said things should improve from here. They seem to be consolidating/bargain hunting during last period. It couldn't get any worse. But I would like to look at their gearing from here, expecting it to go up.

AK71 said...

Hi Verseun,

Centurion's insiders are savvy investors.

By suspending dividends, paying down debt and continuing to expand, Centurion should be stronger than before.

I don't expect gearing to go up or if it goes up, it shouldn't be by much.

Centurion's gearing level has always been manageable and going by their track record, I would be surprised if it doesn't stay that way.

I am more interested in them paying regular dividends to shareholders again. :)

David said...

Hi AK,
Good Day.
Time flies, really flies..
Appreciate your advice on Tai Sin Electric in 2021.
You are spot-on, again....
Together with Global Ireit, Hock Lian Seng, Centurion, Wilmar, Banks etc.

I dare not to cover & paste BT article here:-)

Tai Sin CEO Bernard Lim Boon Hock acquired 550,000 shares of the company at 39.0 cents per share...
Bernard was CEO since 1997 [if i read the article correctly]

Best Regards

AK71 said...

Hi David,

Yes, times does fly and it seems to be flying faster in my retirement.

I wonder why.

Alamak, when did I give any advice?

I was just talking to myself as usual. ;)

Anyway, it is important to remember that I am not always right and that I have been wrong before too.

I can only aim to be right most of the time. :)

Is AK the investor right 6 times out of 10?

AK71 said...

"Centurion Corp reported a net profit of S$52.7 million for the full year ended December 2021, from S$17.2 million the previous year.

"Earnings per share came in at 6.27 Singapore cents in FY2021 versus the 2.04 cents the year before.

"Net asset value per share as at Dec 31, 2021 stood at 78.46 cents, higher than 72.03 cents the previous year.

"The board has recommended a final dividend of 0.5 Singapore cent for FY2021, payable on May 27."


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