They chose financial independence over home ownership.

This is somewhat extreme but watch how this Canadian couple chose financial independence over home ownership.  They are in their 30s and,...

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Charts in brief: 27 May 10 (Part 1).

Thursday, May 27, 2010

CLSA notes S-REITs offer yield of 7.1% vs yields of 5.3% from telcos, 3.0% from market.

“Unlike before, where S-REITs’ dividends could see further dilution from recapitalization exercises, we would argue that with a lower sector gearing and stable physical asset yields, most REITs would not need to recapitalise further. Hence, earnings and dividends are more insulated from any possible dilution,” says the research house.

Another up day for the STI on respectable volume. We will lose a trading day tomorrow as it is Vesak Day.  We can only cross our fingers and hope that global stock markets continue to strengthen tomorrow so that the STI could have a decent chance of continuing this rebound next Monday.

Courage Marine: This counter strengthened ever so slightly to close at 18.5c.  The BDI is up again at 4,209. The longer term support of 17.5c is holding as price formed a white hammer today on thin volume. I like this company's strong fundamentals. The technicals are turning up and I've bought some at 18c as a hedge.

MFI has formed higher lows and emerged from the oversold region. The MACD is turning up towards the signal line. Courage Marine might just be a laggard and might just play catch up if movement in the BDI remains favourable.

AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT: A rebound is underway. Volume expanded as MFI and BDI rose in tandem. The MACD has turned up towards the signal line since it started its decline ten sessions ago. Expecting strong resistance at 21.5c.  Overcoming 21.5c would give this counter a chance at retesting old highs at 23c.

CapitaMalls Asia: Volume expanded today as we have another white candle day. Price touched a high of $2.13 before retreating to $2.11.  The trendline resistance has done its job at $2.12.

MFI continues to rise, forming higher lows.  OBV is rising too.  MACD is rising in negative territory.  If the next session sees price closing above $2.12, we could see $2.19 tested as the next resistance. If this does not happen, price is likely to go lower, seeing that it is a symmetrical triangle and the downtrend could continue. I am no longer vested in this counter, having cut my losses in last week's rebound. Good luck to those who are still vested.

FSL Trust: Price has detached itself further from the lower limits of the Bollinger bands. It is quite obvious that OBV has stopped declining, suggesting that distribution activities have come to an end for now. MFI has formed a higher low and is still rising.  The MACD looks set to form a bullish crossover with the signal line, although it is still in negative territory.  The worst is probably over for this counter. For anyone who has been waiting to go long on this counter, it seems fairly safe to put in a hedge now although further volatility to the downside cannot be discounted.

Golden Agriculture: Reached a high of 52c only to close at 50.5c.  From the candlesticks, it would seem that 50.5c is an important resistance level.  Successfully overcoming this would find resistance at 52.5c and 54c.  Could it retest 56c, where we now find the flat 100dMA?

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